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Spring Inter-Kando 2021 is postponed
Exchange a place
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Due to the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic and the health measures taken by the Government, the Inter-Kando Spring 2021 event, initially scheduled for May 1 to 2, 2021, cannot take place on these dates.

After much thought and consultation, we have decided to postpone it a little later and to make the choice of users even more flexible when it comes to the destination of their initial ticket.


Also the Spring Inter-Kando 2021 is postponed from June 19 to 20, 2021 , still at the same place; Domaine de la Brelaudière, route de Chevigné, St Georges sur Loire (behind the Château de Serrant).

This event is now called Inter-Kando Printemps 2021Bis

Here is all the information on this event, the validity of places, their postponement, etc...

Would you like to participate in the Inter-Kando de Printemps BIs?

- You have a Spring 2021 Inter-Kando ticket

You don't have to do anything. All you have to do is show up on the same day with your Inter-Kando Spring 2021 ticket (in your name), which is automatically valid for the Inter-Kando Spring 2021 event. The event takes place under the same conditions at postponed dates.

- You don't have any Inter-Kando tickets for Spring 2021 or 2021 bis?

Carefree. You can still register until Sunday June 13 at 11:55 p.m.

Information: Spring Inter-Kando 2021 Bis

Registration: Inter-Kando ticket office for Spring 2021 Bis

- Do you want to transfer a place from one player to another?

You can do this with Inter-Kando Spring 2021 or Inter-Kando Spring 2021 Bis tickets to convert them into a new Inter-Kando Spring 2021 Bis ticket according to the usual ticket resale procedures*

All information here: Ticket Resale

Deadline for ticket resale: Sunday May 30, 2021 at 11:55 p.m.

* Inter-Kando Spring 2021 and Inter-Kando Spring 2021 Bis tickets are considered to be the same event and can therefore be resold according to the usual procedures.


Would you like to exchange your place for another event?
After having studied the situation and well aware that the new event will not necessarily be suitable for everyone, you have the possibility of exchanging your Inter-Kando Spring 2021 ticket for another GN-Aventures event of your choice.

So you can exchange your Spring 2021 Inter-Kando ticket for 1 Event of GN-Aventures or partners in the list below:

- INTER-KANDO Spring 2021 Bis (June 19 & 20, 2021): You don't have to do anything. Simply show up at the Inter-Kando Spring 2021 Bis event (June 19 & 20, 2021) with your Inter-Kando Spring 2021 ticket, which is automatically valid for this new event.

Make the process of a POSTPONEMENT OF PLACES for all the following events. All you have to do is take a "Report de Places" ticket from the ticket office of the chosen event. There is no additional cost, but this process is mandatory to convert your Spring 2021 Inter-Kando ticket into a new ticket for another event. You will be asked for your old ticket and the "Report de Places" ticket at the reception of these events.

To access the ticket office for these events, click on the event below.

- Chronicles of KANDORYA 2021 (July 9 to 14, 2021)

- Back to KANDORYA 2021 (August 20 to 22, 2021) (Tickets open soon)

- INTER-KANDO Autumn 2021 (October 8 to 10, 2021)

- PIRATES CHRONICLES (October 23, 2021) (Tickets open soon)

- The Saga of ORAKLYS 2022 (April 1 to 3, 2022)

- INTER-KANDO Spring 2022 (April 29 to May 1, 2022)

- Chronicles of KANDORYA 2022 (July 13 to 17, 2022)

Please note: some events such as "Les Chroniques Pirates", the Saga d'Oraklys are partner events with a limited number of places. They will therefore only be accessible within the limit of available places.

How to proceed?

Go to the ticket office of the chosen event and take a "REPORT de PLACES" seat. Answer all the questions on the form. Don't forget to show up on the same day with your "REPORT de Places" seat and your original ticket.






























Would you like to receive a refund of your place?


You also have the option of requesting a refund if you do not use your Inter-Kando Spring 2021 place as part of a Place Deferral.

This request for reimbursement may be made at the end of the 18 months following the date of the event in accordance with the government ordinance of March 26, 2020 for the safeguard of tourism and leisure activities.

If you have not used any deferral or any advantage related to these deferrals, all you have to do is write, at the end of these 18 months, a letter to GN-AVENTURES, Lieu dit l'Adezière, Route de l'Adezière 49240 AVRILLE en expressing your refund request accompanied by a bank details and your original ticket so that we can proceed with the refund of your ticket.

For all requests for information on your ticket or any other requests related to registrations in general, contact us by email at:

Please write to and indicate in the subject line "Place IKP2021"

Tell us by message your NAME, FIRST NAME, and initial CAMP on the Spring 2021 Inter-Kando.







We are mobilized to help you as best we can in postponing this event. If you have any questions, if you require information, do not hesitate to contact us. We are at your disposal and will accompany you as best as possible in your efforts.

We also wish you a lot of courage for these difficult times and take advantage of this given time to prepare new LARPs, write new stories, improve our events... We can't wait to see you again!




Maintaining your places is already supporting us and your help at this time is really appreciated so that we all continue to share this beautiful project! Thank you to all those who will keep their participation in the events.

Kandorya is obviously being undermined by the necessary health decisions and this has already had a real impact for 1 year.  If Kandorya survives the current situation, the passage is no less difficult and a certain delay has already set in. You can help us get through these difficult times and give us the means to bounce back, so that the project continues in the good conditions that we all want.


We ask you today to make, if you wish, a donation and this in order to help us move forward, especially to prevent us from moving back...


The sums collected will be used in their entirety for the constructions (raw materials) and purchases of new tools for our volunteers for whom we had planned investments this year and who are unfortunately now at a standstill. Giving for Kandorya means allowing us to resume as soon as the confinement is lifted, the construction sites that we have left as they are. It would be a real boost for the structure.

In 2020 some have already helped us in this way and the sums have mainly made it possible to acquire the stock of new tools (drills, circular saw, various tools...) in order to better equip the volunteers during the WE constructions.

We have always been keen to offer you a dense game, to invest ourselves completely in this extraordinary Mass Larp for your game, for your pleasure, to create beautiful stories in this world that we share. Today, we need you so that we don't waste weeks getting back on track with this difficult, but once again necessary, blow of fate.

Thank you in advance to you 10€, 15€, 20€ or even 5€ will be significant help that will be useful to all! To do this click on the logo below:

Soutenir Kandorya GN.png
Postponement of Dates
Participate in Inter-Kando de Printemps 2021 Bis
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