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The island of Kandorya was discovered and the colonists installed the first boats in a natural harbor located in the mouth of a river. Shacks were built there, and later Merchant Guild houses and structures. Edenorya was born...

The Arcanium

The Arcanium is a group of scholars who came from Orya in 1250. Eager to share all knowledge with as many people as possible, they followed a resolutely pacifist line and paid a high price for it.

Their strongholds have been attacked, their members hunted down and murdered by nations all of whom now know the meanness and deceit.

The Arcanium library is unique. It is the only one present at the Edenorya fair since the beginning of colonization. It conceals historical, esoteric, geographical treasures and many other areas.

With the implementation of the Equivalent Knowledge Currency, even the most humble can access the exceptional archives.

If the history of the Arcanium has many times intersected with that of the revival of Kersis'Kal, it nevertheless retains its gray areas due in part to the controversial personalities of some of its members. Survivors and newcomers are now working to build a new Arcanium, faithful to its values but more in tune with the fragile political chessboard.

The food company

The Food Company is a team initially holding a food market in the town of Edenorya. This Company was founded in 1252. The Company travels throughout the year to accumulate and negotiate commodities and resell them at fairs. This explains the diversity of the profiles of his team (traders, scholars, warriors, rangers, dancers, etc.).
The many contacts that the Company has through Kandorya allow it to easily find buyers or sellers for many different products, it is even rumored that it would be involved in various political, warlike or occult intrigues, but its members have so far always knew how to keep the secret.
The camp, as well as the market, have been located since 1252 on the edge of the eastern rampart of the city of Edenorya (port side).

La Compagnie des Denrées is not intended to actually sell foodstuffs. This is a basic rule so as not to encroach on the activity of the taverns and restaurants present. Today, the sale actually takes place against game money and sometimes even against other more or less legal alternative currencies. It is important for the Company to remain an RP business for the pleasure of the participants of the Kandorya game who will be able to eat healthily with money earned RP.

The Brotherhood of Light Gates


The Lightbringer Brotherhood is an ancient institution of Orya whose purpose is to hunt down and destroy the darkness and its servants in this plane.

The brotherhood serves the Light which guides them in their task. Organized into a caste, it is independent, neutral, apolitical and does not advocate any particular god or church. It welcomes anyone who wishes to defend life against the filth that threatens it.

The Fellowship considers everyone equally regardless of the race, creed, or people of those they aid.

The Garrison

They are the armed fist of Edenorya. A garrison of hotheads  with a dubious past, but subject to the strictest military discipline. Whether they are archers, sluggers or stabbers, defending the city is not the only skill of these atypical soldiers, who have proven in the past their ability to use their unusual skills to pull off daring feats of strength or of trickery. In the course of the last two centuries, the forced abnegation of the men and women composing this penitentiary unit, undoubtedly saved many cities of Orya. Without these cheap soldiers, many of them would no doubt have fallen into the hands of greedy enemies, depriving the Merchants' Guild of its most precious trading posts. Faced with the thousand dangers that await the settlers of the Island of Kandorya, the garrison will use all means, even the most unexpected, to defend the interests of the city and its citizens.

The will

The GRE (Environmental Risk Management) is a conglomeration of endangered species and animals.

Their ideals are:

- collect endangered animals and species
- destroy war

- distribute knowledge and culture to the world

- advocate against the misuse of magic

They have an orphanage for endangered animals in the middle of the city of Edenorya, a library and a restaurant run by one of their oldest orphans.
Their former leader is a certain
  Graou who lost the ball, but who since recent events  would have regained his memory.

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