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From July 9 to 14, 2021

A new edition of Kandorya which will mark the beginning of a new decade of the Chronicles. Yes, 10 years have already passed but it's not too late to join the Adventure. Each year, new participants participate in writing the history of Kandorya through the actions of their characters. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, you can participate in this unique Mass Larp in France. This LARP can sometimes seem complex due to the richness of the world or the extensive game rules. Rest assured ! Once there, you easily let yourself be carried away by the stories, you quickly understand the principles and codes of the game. The Chronicles of Kandorya are an excellent springboard to start in the very varied activity of LARP games.

There is no minimum age required to participate and this LARP is "Child Friendly" children are welcome! See admission conditions.

2018-03-31 _DSC1605.jpg

Dates : From 08.07.20 to 14.07.20

Place :

Domaine de la Brelaudière, Route de Chevigné, St Georges sur Loire (49)

Entry by the Castle is forbidden.

Prices :

Prices vary with time, according to when you buy your ticket : mo varie en fonction de la date à laquelle vous vous inscrivez : the sooner you take your ticket, the cheapest you will get it.

From 28.04.19 to 31.07.19 : 69€

From 01.08.19 to 15.10.19  : 79€

From 16.10.19 to 05.12.19 : 89€

From 06.12.19 to 05.02.20 : 99€

From 06.02.20 to 05.04.20 : 109€

From 06.04.20 to 05.06.20 : 119€

From 06.06.20 to 01.07.20 : 129€

Ticket office closed on 01.07.20, 11:55 pm


The KANDORYA 2020 Ticket Office :


Final Preparations / Vehicle Sheet ...

Are you a minor? You must absolutely send a parental file to You can download it from the website in the section "Registrations / Minors

Do you want to access the land with your vehicle? You can now make your vehicle file here:

Are you going to arrive late, outside reception hours? Please pay the €5 registration fee and complete the form (be careful, no arrivals between 11 p.m. and 9 a.m.)

Remember to also read the conditions on the Sanitary Pass which will be required at the entrance:

Good preparation to all


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