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              The Protectorate is the first Kandoryan nation. It is a parliamentary monarchy with, on the one hand, a system of suzerainty embodied by the Prince Hunter of Black Haven, and on the other, a Protector responsible for representing the nation and carrying out its policy. An assembly called the Council of the Ban brings together the lords of the fiefs and the legates assuming functions within the nation, and makes it possible to discuss and validate the political orientations for the year.


Protectorate values  :


  • Exchanges with the world encouraged

  • Intellectual and spiritual enrichment

  • Agreement with free peoples

  • Proscribed slavery, theft, murder and cannibalism

  • Respect for life in the absence of threat

  • Freedom of worship (Void except)



Coming from the Durdinis mountains before becoming Caedeyrn following the invasion of the peninsula, the Ambiani tribe has a troubled past of revenge and war linked to the Soriak. They have a superstitious people Advised by 30 druids carrying a specific spirit.

Each Ambiani is responsible for transmitting the traditions and knowledge of their ancestors. These people venerate spirits to venerate Aenea and this out of humility since they think they are too small to venerate her directly. Fervent defender of nature with a druido/shamanic spirituality (very present) sufficiently vast and eclectic to live it according to his goodwill and according to the appropriate facet.

Their leaders have no birthright, it is their druids and initiations (often a departure at 12 years old in the forest, or a series of more or less provoked dreams) who decide who has been touched by which spirit and which role. the subject will have in the clan. If he is not touched by a spirit, it is because his function is different, he is then the descendant of an elder and the guardian of a task, a function or knowledge. It is therefore an essential cog in the functioning of this clan.

The Copperrune is their leader. Fury, anger, revenge, independence, freedom, double vision, beauty are also totems

For about thirty years, it would seem that these people fell back into a vendetta against the Soriak. This conflict had prevented the Ambianis from finding refuge in the West wind since their enemies were there. They therefore joined the North Wind camp and became friends with the locals to then settle in the Protectorate where they now actively participate in its survival. Since Séphérie revealed itself to men and Aénéa was presented as one of its facets. During the fair of 1254 Aenëa incarnated as Lysaël de Lideval an elven druidess and revealed to those present the nature of the Ambianis: a chosen people, a link between the Primals, creation and other creatures such as humans.

Strongly linked to the primals, the Ambianis have chosen to stay with their friends of the protectorate to defend these values, to help ensure the survival of the latter by their meager contributions by trying to reconcile clan unity (spiritual unity) and unity of the protectorate despite defections.

Distrust is often the rule towards us but none of our actions, thoughts or words are hidden, survival is our credo and we will always stand up to actions, choices that seem dangerous, stupid, irrational to us.
It may seem difficult to approach us, our direct words not helping, but come see us, above all we are often cheerful and quick to chat.


After losing all news of the settlers already sent to Kandorya, the Dwarf Kingdom of Kazad-Dork decided to send a second expedition, which was named after the dwarves who constituted it: Brawler, Inventor, Excavator, Repairer, Explorer, BEER, so .

The expedition is led by Salfalur, commander of the group, and brings together dwarves from all walks of life: scholars, craftsmen, doctors, brewers, sailors, and all professions useful to an expedition. Like all dwarves, all have a warrior background and the only thing they respect more than money is honor. Their sense of discipline inherent in their race will be seen on the battlefield, where they carry on the tradition of their race.


They left just before the temporal isolation of Kandorya, and landed in the east of the island. They were invited by the PEL to come and explore Fungorum in order to participate in the exploration of the island. Here they met Ambassador Neelen de Nivel who represented the Order of the Golden Sun, and the Protectorate. She invited them to take land there to settle.

They settled on land given to them by the protectorate, the mountains, which could not be cultivated. Inhospitable to men and elves, they are a Promised Land for dwarves, who work tirelessly to build a new home. Located south of Mirror, this home is called Baraz Vorn, Promised Land.

Having arrived only recently, they did not all equate Borun with Sepheris. Theological debates remain tense and animated, as much in the taverns as in the temples.

The Circle of the Chimera

The lion's head gives strength and endurance.
The goat's head embodies tenacity and alchemy.
The dragon's head is the seat of intelligence and magic.
The serpent's tail dispenses wisdom and cunning,
The wings of the Chimera take us where knowledge is hidden. The Circle aims to research and safeguard hidden knowledge.
The adventurers who join us must prove themselves to us on their loyalty and their expertise.
We are all an indivisible member of the Chimera.

The Order of the Ebon Blade

The Order of the Blade of Ebon is an elite military order that originated within the Duchy of Anderia in the Marches of Aëtheor in 1086.

initially created for ducal protection, this unit will shine during what will later be called: the revolt of the counts.

Becoming an independent military Order linked to the Duke, it is structured, developed and enriched within the County of Thirloc.

"Heirs to old Marche traditions, we are proud of our past.

Guided by faith and chivalrous values, it is with a proud heart that we dedicate our lives to an ideal greater than our mere existence..."

Participating in the Duke's expedition to the new continent, they end up, after a fierce fight against pirates, by running aground on still unknown lands.

Their expedition is scattered and as they regroup, a final attack will finish them off and leave these men on their own.

Today, while few of them have managed to regroup, the Order is rebuilding for a new start...

"Under our banner that will flutter in the wind,

And when our hymn, our song resounds,


Let our blades rise, with a great shining gesture

before tearing to pieces our fleeing enemies."

The Order of the Golden Sun

The Order of the Golden Sun, also known as the Golden Sun, is a noble household from the Duchy of Nivelle. Founded in 631 by Fergus le Bon, Duke of Nivelle, it is part of the nation of the Protectorate.

The Golden Sun has in no way forgotten the ways and traditions of the Holy Empire of the Marches of Aëtheor. Bringing together men and women of arms, faith and letters; all devoted to their nation and to their Lady: Neelen de Nivelle; its representatives are distinguished by their black and gold outfits and their coat of arms of sand shaded by the golden sun.

Sent to Kandorya to restore its image, tarnished following the directives of the former Duke Jehan de Nivelle, the Order is today more radiant than ever, proudly defending its values and those of the Unique.

His credo "Die undefeated; Do not burn those I enlighten."

The Thosis'Lon

The Thosis'Lon are from the Kingdom of Sarin'Dol even if their ancestor the knight Florian de Rosépine lived left the baronies of Soriak. From the line, after the disappearance of Orya only remain the 4 children of Simon Thosis'Lon:

- The eldest, Rénan Thosis'Lon, Diplomat arrived at the 5th fair.

- His younger brother,** Guilhem Thosis'Lon**, blacksmith and Mage, once lord of the Mirror Fief.

- His younger brother, Thibault Thosis'Lon, Namn (priest of knowledge) and Protector.

- The youngest, Loïc Thosis'Lon, explorer, scholar, herbalist and doctor.

Guilhem, Thibault and Loïc were part of the first expedition to Kandorya and participated in the founding of the current Protectorate.

Explorers and knowledgeable, the family is passionate about the mysteries and enigmas of this new land. 

During the 2nd year they brought the children of Rénan: Aria, combat magician; Erwann, a fighter; Mila, herbalist. All took on the responsibilities of the Nation.

For having found the cannon of the garrison of Edenorya, the siblings were offered the stronghold of the Marches of Baltaz which they made fruitful with in particular Anaë and Estreban.

The Thosis'Lon also adopted Raydan, magician of peace or the Oltramars and Andelaroche or again Vittorio Querin'Oli a young warrior.

And the whole faction appreciates welcoming to its table other citizens of the Protectorate or any Kandoryen who has a great story to tell or a riddle to solve like Gezabel the 'metenphyschotrope'.

More than a faction or a family, the Thosis'Lon are above all citizens of the Protectorate and Kandoryens. They have long since abandoned their emblem to adopt the arms of the protectorate.

The Urgonauts

These Dolsaris (inhabitants of the kingdom of Sarin'Dol, in the western mountains of Orya) are specialized in research around the work of Namnesis (God of knowledge, tutelary deity of Sarin'Dol). They are also interested in the world around them and willingly offer their help in bringing knowledge to the nation. Reputed to be neutral, they remain distant from matters of war, money or power; only knowledge seems to animate them. They are happy hedonists who like to learn from their neighbor.

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