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The plains

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One year, Grand Claw took part with several other neutral camps in the foundation of Tristrame, a small town halfway between Edenorya and Vendavel. However, the city was quickly razed, but the spirit of Tristrame survived, and the survivors of Tristrame, the Great Claw Company, the Black Boars and the Furies of Helvetia, now form the Tristrame district on the edge of the Faubourgs. .

The Grand Claw Company

The Compagnie Grand Griffe is a company with about thirty members from all walks of life. Former company of mercenaries, it is now specialized in the study and hunting of monsters of all kinds. An activity that she exercises both on land and at sea thanks to her boat, the Trollpillon des Mers.

The company was born in Orya many years ago after the chance encounter of the knight of Soriak, Ser Takoda Valyena, and the bounty hunter Athin Daelhons. Present on Kandorya for several years, the Company has evolved over time but without ever departing from its eternal spirit of brotherhood as well as its neutrality linked to its former function as a mercenary company. It is now run by a duo of leaders: Baron Balian Klade and the captain of the Trollpillon, Ehlraen Daelhons.

The Upper Fanal Tavern

On Kandorya since year 1 of colonization

Barely landed from the northern coasts of the baronies of Soriak, in Orya, my companions and I formed a company of mercenaries, in order to rent out our diverse and varied skills to the highest bidder. We called it Le Haut Fanal, in memory of the lighthouse that stood on the cliff not far from my father's tavern.


And in order to give a somewhat legal facade to our activity, and to share the barrels of wine brought from Orya, we have created La Taverne du Haut Fanal.

But year after year, from fair to fair, our "cover" has become more and more our main livelihood, especially after we have won a fief following our good offices with the powerful of this world...


Need a discreet place for your secret meetings, our "old magpies" rooms can be privatized at will.

You want to celebrate a victory, we take care of organizing the evening, and find acrobats and musicians to liven it up.

Or simply overwhelmed by the scorching sun in the middle of the plain, you are looking for the comfort of a stopover in the shade, our terrace – and our bar – are waiting for you…

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