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(natives of Kersis'kal)

The Kaliska Clan


















The Sud'rons, commonly called "Natives" by the coloïs (settlers), lived on the south of the island before the waves of coloïs arrived there. The latter slaughtered them in large numbers with their military power, their technology and magic.


The Sud'rons are a primitive people, with a tribal operation on different territories of the south of the island (plains, forests, mountains and caves). And despite these different ways of life, a group of Sud'rons decided to go beyond the initial tribes to regroup, live together and unite the remaining Sud'ron forces in order to survive and fight against the coloï invasion by founding the Kaliska Clan.


Clan Kaliska has kept a tribal form with a fairly simple hierarchy, currently:

an Imala (equivalent to a role of leader), a Shaman (with a role of religious leader), and 4 Sages (having rather a role of advisers in the decisions to be taken).

It should however be noted that within Clan Kaliska, everyone has the right to speak and can express themselves freely, so that the very nature of freedom of the South'rons remains present.


The South'rons of Clan Kaliska are polytheists and thus believe in several gods representing different areas of life. They thus have an important respect for the Shamans who represent the link with their gods.


The Sud'rons of Clan Kaliska, like all the Sud'rons for that matter, have not forgotten their origins, and their massacre by the coloïs. They therefore have within them an intense feeling of loss (in relation to their despoiled lands and their massacred people). A certain desire for revenge against the coloïs, and for the reconquest of their lands therefore animates them today in order to regain their power of yesteryear.


Clan Kaliska continues to gather Sud'rons in search of unity and mad rebellion.

So if you too, a lover of tribal practices and a foodie, when you notice that thinking hasn't worked, you prefer to refrain from it...

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