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Clan McNeil

The McNeil clan is a  Clan of Caedeyrn  banned from  the peninsula  for treason to the crown. Gone on  Kandorya , the clan now lives off mercenaries, within the  Rastor camp . It is led by the  cenn Sial Torcail McNeil .

The legend

The descendants of a noble line exiled from the Marches of Aëtheor , guided by Sir Eochaid , arrived on the peninsula of Caedeyrn to settle there. The legend says that they met wolves and made a deal with them. Since then, the McNeil clan, beat around an oak tree, never hunted wolves again. For centuries they prospered, ever closer to the crown...until the dark days when they were driven out by rival clans and all condemned to death for high treason. The cenn Keilan McNeil and his family were all massacred, but some managed to escape, such as his two sons, Sial and Angus , Sial's wife and children, the Druid Tolstein , and a few others close to the clan. These found themselves on the island of Kandorya and allied with the guild of Rastor and their allies to found the camp of Rastor and become mercenaries adhering to the principles of Magna Carta .



This clan is led by a single leader, Morbak, who is the eldest and the strongest of the siblings. Even if this clan is part of a camp, the rast'orcs are above all loyal to their leader above all else. What differentiates them from their primal congeners is a certain greed for money and an ability to get along with humans or anyone if it can serve their interests. Funny, clever and vicious, they are still orcs and remain brutal and violent depending on the context. During the last inter fair, the camp rastor was hired to serve as Edenorya's militia and Morbak declared himself sheriff of the city, protector'orc of Edenorya. Greedy but of unparalleled beauty, the orcs of the Rast'orc clan are very often accompanied or followed by humans, their benevolent orcs, who assist them in their daily tasks in a disinterested and completely voluntary manner.


The Rast'orcs have contacts and friends in many camps and factions on Kandorya and although fighting is one of their favorite pastimes, after a good fight they also enjoy having a drink with their opponents while commenting on the battle in which they took part.

Clan Rast'orc

The Rast'orcs are a clan composed mainly of orcs, benev'orcs, and humans or others who have pledged allegiance to the clan. They are an integral part of the Rastor mercenary camp.

The Rastor Guild was born when a group of adventurers captured Argus, a rastor.
The company embarked on the mercenary, which led them to Kandorya. After a time with the Great Claw company, the guild formed its own camp with its allies.
Over time and recruitment, the Rastor camp became a recognized company on the Island. The organization is of a military type: the camp is led by the leader of the guild, surrounded by a council of war (the leaders of each clan and the chief diplomat). Each core business
has its representative within the camp.


Today, several clans make up the Rastor's Guild: the Rastor Clan, the McNeil Clan (Caedern), the Rast'orc Family (Orcs), and the Battle Eagles.

The Rastor Guild


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