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Clan Rorkhan

Located southeast of the Shinseiko Empire, between a large mountain range and the Mulkesh lands, the Rorkhan clan has not always been part of the Shinseiko Empire. It is known that the Rorkhan clan was part of a confederation of clans also including the Isashan, Alarhan and Tokyoghen clans, and led by the De Caderiane family. It quickly became apparent that the Confederacy was hampering the Shinseiko and Mulkesh Empires in their desires for expansion and that, alone against all, there was no denying that they would end up losing these wars. After the Isashan, Alarhan, and Tokyoghen clans were eradicated, and unable to withstand attacks from multiple fronts, it was decided that the Rorkhan clan would voluntarily join the Shinseiko Empire. In order to prove its value to the other clans of the Empire, and especially to the Emperor, the Rorkhan clan sent a detachment to the island of Kandorya to represent it and explore these new lands. 

Commanded by Ambre de Caderiane and Ramses Rorkhan, heirs of their respective families, this detachment settled on the island of Kandorya and formed different alliances over the years.

The marriage of Amber and Ramses was decided and celebrated on the island of Kandorya during the third fair of Edenorya. Unfortunately, Ramses, victim of an accident, had to be repatriated to Orya, kept unconscious by the influence of a Kami, leaving Ambre alone in command of the clan.

Of mixed tradition due to their geographical location, the Rorkhans share their culture between Shin and the West.

However, their desire for integration has recently caused them to become much more traditional and to emphasize their Shin ancestry much more.

The Rorkhan people are proud, honorable and dynamic, in perpetual search for new ways to shine, without harming their allies.

Although the nobility is still in possession of the supreme power, they increasingly delegate their functions to deserving people.

The Rorkhan clan wants to be upright and respectful in order to be the symbol of a civilization based on order and honor.

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