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        The Winds which blow over Kandorya and which once inspired the names of the various  groups of men and women from Orya seem to have dried up now to make way for new factions, new projects. The City of Vendavel is born from many currents of the West Wind and many are the factions to join this project, whether in the city itself or in its suburbs.


Vendavel, the new city of Kandorya is developing little by little and many settlers are joining the ranks of this place which wants to be a new beginning, an ambitious project whose factions carry common ideals.


The idea of a certain autonomy in relation to the all-powerful Merchants' Guild of Edenorya is not insignificant, but for all that the Guild takes care of unity and Vendavel composes for the moment. But the more time passes, the more you have to take into account this new City which shelters within its walls or outside its walls the new breath of the factions of the West Wind.

The Barony of Nussardy

Originally from the Baronies of Soriak, the Nussards are men of honor. They arrived on the island of Kandorya with a team of broken arms but they proved to be much more productive than Baron Phineas would have believed.


In general, they are versatile and know how to make themselves useful on many occasions. Each Nussard is independent but demonstrates unfailing solidarity for his fellows. They were able to place themselves in positions of influence through their initiatives, and often even through their audacity. Rare are those who have not come across a pennant adorned with a double-headed eagle on Kandorya. Among the most famous are Elkan, the regent of Vendavel, and Sir Hoazar, sticking his nose in many important affairs. The Nussards also distinguished themselves in many areas of craftsmanship and knowledge: in particular Ercanbald (the spoon man) whose reputation is second to none among alchemists, Gotfried, priest and master surgeon, Moddyn the librarian , Ryld, expert blacksmith and finally Lahire (the man with the keys), renowned locksmith.


Present from the first hours in the construction of the city of Vendavel, it is in this city that the Baron established a new order of chivalry. Also the Nussards hold their famous Tablée there, where everyone can also try their hand at their traditions: take a good Spanking Nussarde and talk to Frufou, all in a warm and friendly atmosphere. The Nussards being born bon vivants, they will not fail to welcome you in this space of exchange and will be happy to have a beer or two with you!

White Flame Chapter

Hailing from the ancient continent, the Order of Chivalry the Chapter of the White Flames originated hundreds of years ago. It was in the year of grace 958, when the fighting against the barbarian hordes of the Mainorat reached an unprecedented intensity, that Jerod Le Preux was ennobled Knight Vassal of the Hand of the King himself. This man had organized the resistance with a handful of knights-errant and thus trained men and women of the people in arms. For these great deeds Jerod was entitled to found his own order as well as to hold his own stronghold within the Marches. His words, as legend has it, were heard throughout Aliéran's throne room and peddled throughout the kingdom. He says, and his verb is still engraved on a marble slab in the commandery of the Order:

"Darkness is upon us, yes, but every shadow also makes the light of the slightest spark more evident. Winds and rain may torment us but we burn with a fire that will not be quenched. We are the White Flames , Guardians of the light of the One and of the virtue of Aëtheor, we can be killed, but not be defeated. could not be destroyed."

Thus for Centuries the Chapter survived, despite its isolation on the island of Kandorya and the cataclysm on the ancient continent that followed, accepting within it members of all ranks and from all walks of life, it offers each of them , whether they are noble or poor, men or women, human or non-human, followers of the Unique or unbelievers, a chance to shine and rise through their prowess in arms, their intellect or their industry. Whether their intentions are to fight evil, to make a name for themselves, to start a new life, to seek penance for their faults, or simply to escape poverty; all must however take an oath before the White Flame, the Codex or the Sword of the Grand Master, Aëltas Derelowen. They therefore swear to loyally serve the Chapter of the White Flames and to find in them the three virtues: honor, justice and benevolence. Now the Chapter is installed on the island of Kandorya, having founded the nation of White-peak that the members of the order protect at the risk of their lives.

Clan McLeod

Clan McLeod is one of the founding clans of the Caedeyrn Nation. In addition to their seniority in the Caedeyrn civilization, they can also be counted among the founders of the free city of Vendavel. Recognizable by their red and black kilts, the McLeods are a motley people of herders, farmers, warriors and craftsmen. Despite the variety of professions and hierarchical ranks, all are worshipers of Aënea, the Nourishing Mother, whom some people vulgarly call "Nature". Fierce defenders of the cycle of life, there is nothing more despicable in their eyes than anything that upsets the natural order of things. Necromancy is thus heavily condemned by the Mcleods, and the hunt for necromancers quite frequent. Gathered under the rule of a "Cenn" (chief in common language), himself guided and advised by bearded sages called "Druids", the Mcleods spend their time cultivating their land, celebrating the passing of the seasons and the solstices , fight for the honor of the clan, and booze like holes in the inns with a lot of Bear.

There are two remarkable things about them: the Bear, and the game of Mcleod. The first is a typical drink of the clan whose recipe is jealously guarded, receiving a sip of it is a sign of respect and friendship, the second is a game of alcohol whose rules are lost in the mists of time. Being invited is a great honor, some say that "surviving a game of Mcleod may be enough to make you a member of the clan". But that's probably just a myth. Adventurers, if thirst pushes you to cross the threshold of an inn, listen carefully. If you hear a "MCLEOD!!!" it is that part of this atypical game is in progress.


The Wolf is the protective spirit of the camp, guardian of the gates of the realm of the dead.

Honor and respect for the given word form the basic principles of a good Mcleod. The Mcleods ignore the fear of death, because dying is part of the cycle. Only "undeath", ghosts and anything that escapes the cycle terrifies them. To wander forever in spectral or undead form is the worst curse for a Mcleod.

Location: City of Vendavel.

The Aquila Clan


The Clan of Aquila is a group of craftsmen and warriors who have come together to be stronger in the face of the wars that shake Kandorya and the magical threats, we can say that they have decided to take their destiny into their own hands. hand! The founders of the clan reside in Blanche-Cimes. They became free citizens of Vendavel and one of their own in a place of Archon at the council of the city. Mercenaries and scholars, they work every day to strengthen their knowledge and experience.

Arcane Guardians

The Arcane Guardians institution in Orya works within the Circles of Mesalena and the Kingdom of Sarin'Dol to ensure safety for all from evil practices and magical threats. However, you know it, even hope it: this island where you have set foot is full of riches, opportunities, mysteries... and Magic. This Magic here is new and different and must be understood and mastered.

At a time when the settlers are settling, building, and discussing the future, the delegation of the Guardians of the Arcane, in Kandorya, is also acting to warn the population of any risk of magical origin. Its objective is to allow everyone to prosper, regardless of race or affiliation, and for this to fight in a neutral way, against all the unnatural threats that may arise, from aggressive necro-animated creatures, to giant spiders. Our competence, resulting from the experience of our structure, we also put it at the service of the official Magic guilds by actively participating in them.

The Krakes


Coming from the northern lands of Orya, the desire to reconnect with their origins motivated all the Nordic warriors lost in Kandorya to found their own clan. With the help of several personalities, such as Shuniper Chastel, former leader of the Rastor guild, his wife Gudrun, and Kerom "the bear" Philipsson, great shaman, the Kråke settled in the city of Vendavel in the summer 1255 and applied for citizenship there. They offer their frank camaraderie to whoever will show their credentials, and their business to whoever comes to solicit its members.

The Dragonne Mint


La Menthe Dragonne is an authentic apothecary shop. In Vendavel, whatever the time or the weather, we are open. Whether it's to trade, to exchange knowledge, or just to comfort each other. Our objective is not to do good or evil but to meet the expectations of our customers and to share knowledge.

Our favorite area is of course the drink. We serve all kinds of beverages, potions and infusions: soft, strong, calming, invigorating, alcoholic or not.

Although our modest shop is doing well, we are always looking for arms: herbalists, apothecary, nags and / or religious, we open our arms wide to you.


Aetheor guides your steps,


The Kelevra Order


The Kelevra Order is a group of free mercenaries, citizens of Vendavel and active participants in the security of the city. Founded in 1198 by 5 mercenaries in the Baronies of Soriak, the group reached a workforce of more than 2000 mercenaries at the peak of its strength. Part of the Order was sent on a mission to escort an eccentric wealthy explorer to the new island of Kandorya. Following various unfortunate events, the Kelevra Order was weakened and had to gather in disaster in the free city of Vendavel. The few survivors gather and start afresh within the city

The Holy Church of Kandorya is open to all faith-touched aspirants. Great is the freedom of action of its members, whether they are wandering priests, members of an order of warrior monks or priests within a group of believers. Thanks to our unity and our will, Negens, whose return is only a matter of time, will be pushed back again.





Glory to Aetheor!

The Holy Alliance


Many are the believers in the One and in Aetheor, his Chosen.

In Orya as in Kandorya, our faith protects us from Negens and his demons.

We teach honor and magnanimity.
Our religion, the cornerstone of civilization, is present with each of our believers through the action of the Holy Church. Theology, care, investigations, preaching, inquisition… Many are the missions that our priests carry out in the service of the divine will.

The void

Not much is known about the Void Creatures except that they hate magic and scavenge the dead to join their ranks.

Cold, practically devoid of feelings, the Innocents of the Void, the name they give to their "race", have a disturbing, strange, even artificial behavior.

Their goals as well as their true nature remain obscure. Their skins and clothing are immaculate white outlined in black, no other color. They bear on their foreheads the symbol of the Void, a triangle within a circle,

Many are those who fear the Void because it represents in the minds of an ancient invader who has come to exterminate all the colonists of the island.

But the situation changed after his defeat, and he became integrated into the population of Vendavel to which he brings his protection.

The knowledge of the Void is immense, and its representatives seem inclined to argue with the most learned.

The only certainty about the Void is that it does not come from this world...

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